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Academic profiles

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Emeritus Professors

The title of Professor Emeritus is an honorary academic degree awarded to retired professors who have been outstanding for their activity as professors or researchers for at least 20 years. It may also be awarded to those who, without retiring, reach 65 years of age or have 30 years of academic work, and who have stood out for their teaching or research activity. This appointment must be proposed by the respective Dean, on his own initiative or at the request of the director of the corresponding Academic Unit.

Adjunct category

Name E-Mail
Carlos Álvarez cralvare@uc.cl
Pablo Arteaga parteaga@uc.cl
Virginia Azcuy vazcuy@uc.cl
Javier Barros jibarros@uc.cl
Sergio Cobo sacobo@uc.cl
Jaime Condori jbcondor@uc.cl
Sergio Cracogna secracog@uc.cl
María Loreto Cruz mlcruz@uc.cl
Juan Pablo Espinosa jpespinosa@uc.cl
Miguel González mlgonzaf@uc.cl
Guillermo Greene gggreene@uc.cl
Pascale Larré pclarre@uc.cl
Patricio Lombardo plombardo@uc.cl
Marco Antonio Martínez marco.martinez@uc.cl
Diego Miranda dlmiranda@uc.cl
Cristián Montes cristian.montes@uc.cl
Joan Mora joan.mora@uc.cl
Rafael Niño de Zepeda rninodez@uc.cl
Felipe Pardo fpardo@uc.cl
Gonzalo Rebolledo gareboll@uc.cl
Franco Rojas fnrojas2@uc.cl
Cristián Sotomayor cmsotoma@uc.cl
Rafael Sotomayor jrsotomayor@uc.cl
Fernando Valdivieso ffvaldiv@uc.cl
Pablo Vernola pablo.vernola@uc.cl