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Haddy Bello

Haddy Bello
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  • Assistant professor
  • Vice dean
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  • hybello@uc.cl

Haddy Bello

Academic of the Faculty of Theology since 2013 and as of 2009 is a researcher of the Centro UC Estudios interdisciplinarios en Edith Stein (UC Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Edith Stein). She has a huge fascination for theological anthropology, especially on the problem of human freedom to the image of divine freedom, a topic she has analyzed and researched since her Master’s degree in theology and deepened during her doctoral thesis based on the thinking of Edith Stein (with financial support from the National Doctorate Scholarship of ANID). In this context, she has studied the German language and thinking, doing an internship in Germany for a year. She also actively participated in IASPES, best known as The Stein Circle, since 2015.

Among her duties, she has also worked as Sub Director of Research and in the Gender Equality Committee of our Faculty.