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A message from the Dean

The Faculty of Theology collaborates on the Church’s mission, from the specificity of its academic endeavor, training new theologists, clergy, and laypeople, and researching and generating disciplinary knowledge for our periodical publication (the Anales collection and the Teología y Vida journal), and also for other international media.

Also, during the last years, the Faculty has been characterized for its large cultural diversity, which has provided it with 40 % of students coming from around the world. Besides, the professors of the Faculty have obtained their doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, and from this very same institution, which holds the oldest Doctoral program in the University. It is an ongoing mission for the leadership of the Faculty to strengthen and maintain a necessary renovation among the academic staff, through national and international contests.

All this effort is ultimately focused on providing an excellent academic service for the different education programs we have (canonical undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees), as well as in the training of religion teachers in the interfaculty program we share with the Faculty of Education, and in the general theological training of over 3,000 students of the University each semester. But this effort toward academic excellence does not end with teaching, but it also covers, as has already been said, the areas of research and publication of its discoveries on indexed and dissemination journals. All of this has earned us in the last years, a good general assessment of our endeavor, for example, according to the last versions of the QS ranking.

But the sense of responsibility of the faculty is not depleted just by its pure academic duties. There is an ongoing effort to keep alive our insertion in the local Church life through our contribution to theological training. The same interest rules over the relationship with the University we belong to, which is the most prominent in Chile and one of the most important in Latin America. Allow me to greet each and every visitor of this web site, on behalf of this Faculty, which aims to be an open and respectful dialogue space, with intellectual depth and strength to face the most complex topics that currently pose a challenge to the Christian faith, as well as the vision of the world and the human being arising from it.