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Sonja Noll

Sonja Noll
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Sonja Noll

She was born in the smallest state of the US, Rhode Island, but her mother is Norwegian and has also lived in several other countries. In her undergraduate studies, she covered international relations, languages, and literature (Hispanic and German), and studied a Master’s degree in comparative literature. At that moment, she focused on 20th-century poetry, both Hispanic and Norwegian. She lived in Israel to study Hebrew and Arabic and gradually started studying older languages, coming in touch with biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, among others.

She studied the Old Testament and biblical languages in a seminar in the US, and after that, studied for another Master’s degree and a Doctorate in classical Hebrew and Hebrew Bible at the Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Her doctoral thesis was a semantic study on the words meaning “silence” or “conceal” in ancient Hebrew, which was published under the name The Semantics of Silence in Biblical Hebrew (Brill, 2019). She arrived in Chile in 2019 wanting to know Latin America and to share access to the biblical text. Her research between 2020-2023 is related to an initiation Fondecyt project focused on the linguistic representations of communication (hearing, speech) in Hebrew and other old languages.