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UC general education

The general theological education courses (TTF) are intended for all UC students, who must take at least one of them during their undergraduate studies.

Since believers and non-believers participate in these courses, their perspective and teaching modality focuses on the rationality of the Christian-Catholic faith proposal. Thus, Catholic students will be able to reflect more maturely and critically on their own faith; non-Catholic Christians will be able to dialogue with the Catholic perspective and deepen their own Christianity; and believers of other religions or non-believers will be able to compare the perspective of faith with their own options.

The topics and content of the courses are varied. Each course, however, has a common structure: a basic and synthetic general presentation of the essentials of the Christian faith, helping each student to understand the core of Christianity.

The depth of the central question involved in them characterizes the TTF courses: namely, go deeper into the believing experience and show how this experience connects with other rationalities. In this sense, the courses expose students to the great questions of faith, always in dialogue with the social and intellectual crossroads of our time.

For all these reasons, the TTF courses offer all UC students an opportunity to deepen their experience of faith, open up the dialogue with other disciplines, and describe the rationality that articulates the Christian experience in its relationship with the ultimate foundation of reality: God.

Course Finder

To see the TTF courses offered by the UC School of Theology this semester, you can access the: