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  4. Ángela Pérez

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Ángela Pérez

Ángela Pérez
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  • Assistant professor
  • Subdirector of Research
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  • aperezi@uc.cl

Ángela Pérez

Follower of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Her doctoral studies were finished in November 2020, with the thesis called A Theological-Literary Understanding of Salvation: The Contribution of Alejo Carpentier’s Narrative to Contemporary Soteriology The work is framed on the dialogue of theology with the literature world. Her love for literature, art, and music, mixed with her interest to develop a theological reflection built upon dialogue with other disciplines crystallized into this research project.

Along with her theological training, she has specialized in the spiritual and pastoral areas, which she developed in the Centro de Espiritualidad Ignaciana (Ignatian Spirituality Center), as executive secretary of the Centro de Teología y Pastoral (Theology and Pastoral Center) in Copiapó, and head of training for the Vicaría para la Pastoral Universitaria (Vicarage for University Ministry).

In the Faculty, she currently belongs to the systematic area and collaborates with general education courses, at the Manuel Larraín Theological Center she is a member of the Signos de los Tiempos research group (Signs of the Times), she is also a member of the Latin American Association for the Literature and Theology (Alalite), chief of the Specialization program in abuse prevention and promotion of healthy environments in the ecclesiastic context, a member of the curriculum committee for the general education courses, and representative of the Faculty before the Pastoral Academic Committee.