Undergraduate Formation

In its Undergraduate Program, the Faculty of Theology offers  the canonical Bachelor’s Degree in Theology .  Its purpose is to prepare theologians capable of achieving a systematic, critical and profound knowledge of revelation in all the disciplines they study and an adequate understanding of western philosophy. Likewise, a knowledge of the intrinsic relationship between faith and reasoning,  so as to be able to make the Church understandable to the World and vice-versa,  particularly in the Latin American context. This training also prepares theologians to collaborate with the Church and society in the search for truth, justice, reconciliation and peace.

Besides the regular admission to the program, the Faculty nowadays considers special admission for seminarians, religious and pastoral secular agents. This admission requires competence  in Spanish language,  spelling, reading and writing.  On a scale of 1 to 7, the minimum acceptable grade is 4.  Along with this test, the applicant must undergo a psychological test and be interviewed about interests and vocation by Faculty professors.

Study Plan

Students receive an adequate organic formation in different theological disciplines, basic knowledge on resources and main theological methodologies. The final purpose of this curriculum to provide them with skills for research, teaching and pastoral tasks which require a solid theological formation.

Philosophical biennium

A Bachelor’s Degree includes 4 semesters of philosophical studies offered by the Faculty of Philosophy.  The Faculty of Theology is concerned about the need of a sound relationship between the philosophical and theological contents of  the formation it offers.

Academic Certificates

Students may obtain one of the following specialized academic certificates:

Academic Certificate specialization in Fundamental-Systematic Theology
Academic Certificate specialization in Biblical Theological
Academic Certificate specialization in in Pastoral Theology   


Graduates are able for employment in public, ecclesiastical as well as private institutions of study and formation. In teaching and research in Universities and higher level national and international Educational Institutes.


This career is accredited for 7 years (until November 2018).