History and Mission

The Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile was established in 1935, as first canonical faculty in Latin America. The Chilean bishops and the Holy See were interested in the sound formation of Chilean and Latin American clergy in License, Master and Doctor degrees.

Saint Alberto Hurtado, himself studying in Belgium by the time, was commissioned to find in Europe the first professors for the foundation of the new Faculty. He was particularly interested in theologians developing the historical perspective of theology that came forth from the biblical and patristic scholarship of the early twentieth century.

Seminarians were the first students but soon courses for lay people were offered and the complementary religious formation of all the students of the Catholic University regardless the Faculty they belonged to.

Its mission is to develop theology in service of the People of God and the general academic formation the University offers its students.

The first site of the new Faculty was downtown Santiago de Chile in the so called "Ghigliotto Mansion", then moved to the Central Hall of the University. In 1973, to another campus, east of the city, and in 2008 to its present location in the main campus, called "San Joaquín".