• Welcome to the Faculty of Theology
    Welcome to the Faculty of Theology

    The first site of the new Faculty was downtown Santiago de Chile in the so called "Ghigliotto Mansion", then moved to the Central Hall of the University. In 1973, to another campus, east of the city, and in 2008 to its present location in the main campus, called "San Joaquín".

The Faculty of Theology is sited in the campus called "San Joaquín" of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Besides classrooms and offices, the Faculty Building houses a Library containing 150 thousand volumes and a collection of 8.500 rare and specially worthy books.

The students number 222, 30% of which come from overseas.

The Faculty offers academic programs for License, Master and Doctor of Theology. And some 50 theological courses each semester for complementary religious formation, which means roughly 2.500 students each semester.

Two regular publications are the Periodical Teología y Vida and Annals of the Faculty of Theology which communicate theological research of its own professors or other, Chilean and not.